Sustainability is at the core of our business. The very driver for developing offshore wind is the need for more new renewable energy for a more sustainable future.

We will seize this business opportunity and generate strong financial returns while also ensuring that our activities are truly supporting net-zero development, and not doing so at the expense of people and nature.

Our main contribution to a sustainable future is through:

  • Our core business: Developing new renewable energy, minimizing the negative effects on nature,

  • Our ethical business conduct: Always performing business in a transparent and
    responsible manner,

  • Our daily business practices: Have a workplace that is safe in all aspects of the word,and where we actively engage with our stakeholders and the supply chain.

We have identified five ESG focus areas for Seagust, which support 8 different
Sustainable Development Goals:

FOCUS AREA 1: Supporting the green transition

Around 5 percent of the Norwegian workforce is directly or indirectly employed by the oil and gas industry, generating a substantial portion of GDP. With societies increasingly moving to electricity, it is not only necessary to create more renewable energy but also to create jobs utilizing the skilled workforce in the oil and gas
industry. Seagust will positively contribute to the green transition, through partnerships with the supplier industry and the production of renewable energy. A key prerequisite for a successful green transition is coexistence and cooperation with local communities. Seagust will make detailed plans for coexistence and local benefits for all of its projects.

FOCUS AREA 2: Minimizing impact on nature and local communities

Seagust has advocated for substantial baseline studies on the impacts of offshore wind development to close the knowledge gaps, along with identified alleviating measures. Through our project plans on coexistence with communities and nature, Seagust will build knowledge of effects on nature and environment to implement relevant mitigating measures in its project planning and contribute to innovation within technology and methods to reduce negative environmental impact.

FOCUS AREA 3: Attractive employer

We aim to attract employees with a genuine drive to innovate and build a new industry and new infrastructure for renewable energy. In doing so, we are mindful that diverse teams perform better, and attractive employers with a
sustainability focus and favourable working conditions are able to attract the best talents. A key element for Seagust is equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or beliefs. High safety standards and quality of training and policies are important to avoid work related incidents and injuries.

FOCUS AREA 4: Ethical business conduct

Segust will be a responsible actor in society with concern for social values, local communities and transparency in operations. We have zero tolerance for corruption, human rights violations and inappropriate business behavior (price fixing and lobbying). Seagust has implemented a whistleblower policy and will actively encourage employees and subcontractors to take action whenever unethical practices are observed or suspected.

FOCUS AREA 5: Responsible supply chain

Materials and metals tend to have many adverse impacts depending on the origin and means of production. The mining industry is associated with air pollution, GHG emissions, nature impacts and local community impacts, as well as human rights issues. Seagust will build a responsible supply chain including demands for procurement of materials and services with strict criteria, a board-approved supplier code of conduct and risk evaluations.

Partner and owner sustainability

While Seagust is a new company, our owners, Arendals Fossekompani and Ferd, and our
consortium partner Vattenfall have a history of consistent sustainability efforts, including
substantial reporting on progress.

Read more about sustainability at Arendals Fossekompani

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